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"Pete helped me and my family find a cheap flight to Dominican Republic the summer of 2019, most 3rd party agents wanted over 2 grand for 3 people, Pete found me a deal for $659 all inclusive for a week. I couldn't thank Pete for the amazing find. Will use his service again."
Thomas Kirk
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Last September, I was in emergency need of a travel deal on a flight. My ailing grandmother passed away in Chile. Fortunately for me, I knew a guy that has a passion for helping people save money on travel. My father needed a ticket to be in Santiago ASAP. I contacted Pete and he was on it. Not only did Pete get him a great flight but we saved huge. Round trip to Chile is usually around $1200 give or take. Pete got my dad to Chile for under $850 last minute. This was easily $1000 less than I was able to find. He flew out the next day and thanks to Pete it didn’t break the bank. I have known Pete for years. He is a great guy who genuinely loves to help people. Not to mention he is probably the most enthusiastic traveler I’ve ever met. He has shown me time and time again that he has a nose for a deal and has saved numerous people that I know money. Why wouldn’t you want to save money on travel? I get Pete to look at every trip that I take now and have always been glad that I did.
Pedro Tello Jr.