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Before booking online always check (read the bottom in red).

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Frequently, I always find 5 star hotels at three star prices.

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  • Seat61.com. Take a train from anywhere around the world.
  • rome2rio Plane, train, bus, ferry and car

Cruise Ships

Tours Attractions & Tickets

  • Viator .Things to see and do around the world.
  • TripAdvisor . Things to see and do around the world.
  • Groupon  Find great deals, works in most places around the world

Recommended Websites For Canadians To Sign Up With

  • They will send you unbelievable deals.
  • Ydeals  .Sent this unbelievable deal $651.00 CAN yycdeals to Australia, I paid a bit more, bought earlier my blog WorldTripPete
  •  NextDeparture . Sign up with your city.

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Before booking online always check (read below).

  • Always Check To See If You Need A Travelers Visa Before You Travel, Go To VisaHQ.com or VisaCentral.com
  • When finding a cheap flight most of the time they will not be a direct flight, you may have possible multiple flights and or layovers.
  • When taking multiple flights and NOT the same airlines make sure you give yourself lots of time or check to see if your covered in case of delays or cancellations.
  • Always check for cancellation and change policies, you may have to pay more for any changes to your travel itinerary.
  • Always check the country your going to currency $ before booking. 
  • Always check for extra baggage charges.
  • When going to a foreign country or countries with a checked baggage, taking a connecting flight ask the airlines where you pick up your checked baggage.

  • When renting a car make sure you are insured as most people think they are covered with their visa card or their car insurance at home and they are NOT covered in most countries.
  • When staying or sharing someones home make sure you read their reviews from other travelers.

Small Samples for now, finding the best deals ever.

Both Fido and Rogers mobile telephone workers have never seen this before.

​Both Fido and Rogers mobile telephone workers have never seen this before. I changed providers about a month ago. Maybe my phone # can work in two places at the same time, I am off to Dubai next week and will take the new phone with me and keep the old one with a friend. They can answer it while I am gone. Funny, I did cancel Fido over a month ago. Two phones for the price of one .haha More blogging from Dubai at WorldTripPete.com

Trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates! I disagree with the impression that the city is expensive to live. Far from the truth…I booked a hostel at $154 for 5 nights at a great location. I like staying in hostel’s the first time I visit a new country . Here I can meet travellers who can help me find the best area sites and deals.Later I will stay in a 4 star hotel or Airbnb for the rest of my holiday, Can you believe I found a 4 star hotel at 83% off, just $57.00 a night in Canadian $$$$$…Dubai, here I come!!!

Big road trip south when I get back